Tom McKeown Trophy

Awarded to the League Playoff Champions.

The Ayr Adult Soccer League has named our League Championship trophy in honour of Tom McKeown. Tom was a passionate supporter of youth and adult soccer in our community and his professionalism and enthusiasm were infectious. He loved to teach the finer points of the game to children and adults alike. He rarely reached for a yellow or red card, even if one may have been deserved. He preferred to remind players to be cautious and to show appropriate sportsmanship. Tom was a great example of determination in the face of personal challenges, as well as dependability and service.

2002 Gunners Rob Deutschman
2003 Blizzard Brad Kuntz
2004 Celtic  Brian Lund
2005 Celtic  Brian Lund
2006 Inter Luis Baumann
2007 Ayr FC Adam Kitchen, Laura McKerrall
2008 Gunners  Tony Allen
2009 Blizzard Lorenzo Segato, Todd Runnquist
2010 Rangers Sharon Barnes, Dennis LeBlanc
2011 United Brad Moxey, Norm McIntyre
2012 Celtic Brian Lund, Jarret Luke
2013 Gunners  Jason Goodall, Jeff Schmidt
2014 Ayr FC Bill Johnson
2015 United Mark Stirling, Jason Becker
2016 Ayr FC Bill Johnson
2017 United Brad Becker, Jason Becker
2018 Celtic  Brian Lund, Jarret Luke
2019 Celtic  Brian Lund, Jarret Luke
2022 Celtic  Brian Lund, Jarret Luke