New League Rules

Please be aware of the new league rules effective immediately;


  • 5.1 In accordance with city and league by-laws, there is to be NO alcohol on the fields, parking lots, or on the property of the North Dumfries Community Complex
  • 5.2 Any player caught in possession of, or consuming alcohol will receive;
    • 1st Offence – A one game suspension to be served the following week of play
    • 2nd Offence – A two game suspension to be served on the following two weeks of play
    • 3rd Offence – A suspension for the remainder of the current season  
  • 5.3 If a suspension occurs at the end of your teams season, the suspension will carry forward to the next season.
  • 5.4 If a 3rd offence occurs on one of your teams’ final 3 games of the season, in addition to the suspension for the remainder of the season, a 3 game suspension will also occur at the beginning of next years season should you choose to rejoin the league.